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Human life revolves around light. Light affects our mood, improves  our well-being, and enables us to experience and achieve more. It is  a vital part of making our lives fuller, more productive and safer.

 At Levior Energy, we focus on innovative ways of using light to simply enhance people’s lives where  they live and work—in the home, at school, at work, in shops and public places, as well as on the road.  Recognizing how resource conservation and climate protection will play an increasingly significant part  in human health and well-being, we pay special attention to maximizing the effects of lighting while  minimizing the energy required to produce it.

​LED lighting is changing the world and  Levior Lighting is driving this transformation with a whole new world of light. At Levior, every innovation is driven by the needs of the people, to help them feel more comfortable and to improve the functionality of their surroundings. The Levior line of LED light bulbs brings all the benefits of LEDs to your current fixtures and systems. Levior LED lighting can improve ambience, energy-efficiency and comfort. Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill, preserve our environment and create the perfect lighting.​

We specialize in lighting projects where running and maintenance cost must be minimized, unique and modern solutions are required for distinction, long life and high quality of lighting is crucial, low heat production is desirable, and installation challenges must be overcome.