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​​Levior Lighting Solution  is a unique system designed to save you money. Levior uses high quality LED lighting, removes toxins used in old traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, utilizes labor resources from the local community, and allow you to upgrade your facilities with state-of-the-art lighting technology with no money paid up-front and guaranteed savings. The Levior is designed to: 


Provide an actual reduction in total cost of lighting including the electrical utility cost attributable to lighting

Option of a zero advance cost program as well as various financing options that can include payment at the time of contracting§Financing is typically five years.

​LED Retrofit Program /  Highlights

  • ZERO out of pocket expenditure on LED retrofit.
  • Redesign of lighting to LEVIOR specifications
  • Reduces A/C loads by 1 kilowatt for every 3 kilowatts of lighting energy saved ($150-200 per ton of A/C saved with LED cool technology)
  • NO Mercury, Cadmium or Lead
  • NO UV or Infrared to degrade artwork or fabrics Average lifetime (can be longer)
  • 75,000 hours (translates to nearly 9 years running 24/7; and nearly 18 years at 12/7
  • Eliminates disposal fees of fluorescents
  • Reduces your maintenance bills on bulb and ballast replacement
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint by eliminating mercury-laden lighting
  • Dark Sky Compliant – Highly direction lighting will not cause light pollution
  • Installation by your people or ours…and we pay! POSITIVE CASH FLOW back to your budget!

Our Process

Levior Lighting conducts an analysis of your existing lighting and energy use. Then utilizing sophisticated computer software, our engineers, will design a lighting solution specific to your requirements before we retrofit LEDs. This analysis will be based on such factors as: square footage of building or facility to be lit, hours of operation, and current energy use.

Once the lighting retrofits has been designed, we will work with you to determine the scope of the  specifics that work best for you.

The savings will be shared between your facility and Levior Lighting at a percentage to be determined by the length of the management contract made before the LED retrofit. A longer contract will release more cash immediately into your budget, or you may wish to complete the obligation more quickly, with less cash produced for immediate needs. Levior Lighting will work with you to find the lighting retrofits program that best suits your needs.

Levior Guarantee

Once the LED retrofit is completed, you are guaranteed to see immediate savings in your energy bills. Please note that savings will be even greater in the summertime, due to the reduced loads on your A/C system, as a result of the reduced heat output of “cool” LED technology. After the installation, Levior Lighting will manage all maintenance and replacement of our products for the duration of the contract. Levior Lighting will help you save money, and reduce Green House Gas emissions, thus helping to reduce global warming.

We look forward to helping you to achieve real energy savings AND offset the budget impacts you are currently facing. If you have any questions or concerns about Levior lighting please contact us  210 490-5555 Levior Energy Technology & Solutios.

Levior Lighting, provides all type of lighting solutions with LED lighting systems for Commercial and Residential Applications including Office Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Hospital lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Building Lighting, Retail Lighting and more.

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